Sabrina Watkins, CPC

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Certified Professional Coder

Area of Focus:

Medical Coding

Medical Billing

Insurance Credentialing

Billing Administration


A.S. from Rose State Community College, 1998
OSU & OKC, 2000-2002

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Professional Background

Sabrina Watkins has nearly three decades of experience as a medical biller, over 15 years of experience in insurance credentialing, and has spent more than a decade of her career in behavioral health.

Sabrina began her career working alongside in the high-paced, varied environment of ER physicians. But she truly discovered a passion for medical billing when the importance of medical billing and coding became personal. When she was abruptly called on to become her father’s caregiver that also meant needing to navigate the claims process for Medicaid. As she advocated for her father and reviewed and corrected other offices’ billing work, it drove home how important was for families in terms of cost and coverage.

Her career continued at Integris Baptist Medical Center where she was the lead biller and her team handled billing for more than a hundred medical professionals.  During her time there, Sabrina became a Certified Professional Coder (CPS) and Certified Medical Biller. She then joined an elite team of cardiologists at Oklahoma Heart Hospital to handle their medical billing, negotiate DRG rates, and spearhead their insurance credentialing program. Sabrina leveraged her experience working in institutional setting to help single-physician offices better manage their insurance billing operations. Her time working with small- and solo-practice doctors gave her a unique insight into just how many hats those doctors  had to wear.

Beginning in 2009 Sabrina began focusing her billing and credentialing in the behavioral health field. She found the behavioral health professional often don’t have the experience and training the medical professional have when it comes to insurance billing. This inexperience often meant that therapists and counselors were being having claims denied, not billing for all services provided, and generally being underpaid. Sabrina recognized right away that if therapists couldn’t earn a living accepting insurance that it would create a huge barrier to accessing mental healthcare.

Sabrina knows how important mental health is. Her work is focused on making sure more therapists can accept insurance so more people can get the care they need.