The picture above shows the radiators which should be producing the heat for the Spacious co-working place on the corner of Union street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. They are broken. They have been broken since Monday. Today is Friday. When the staff has been asked about when the problem will be fixed, they say the building has been notified. Many people who use the co-working place are wearing sweaters, jackets and winter hats while working indoors. To make matters, the men’s room is also not working. The women’s bathroom has temporarily become unisex until the plumber fixes the problem.



Spacious is owned by WeWork. Before the WeWork’s failed IPO the company shelled out $43 million to buy spacious. So the lack of heat and broken bathroom is a WeWork problem. I would say that providing heating and working bathrooms are core services for a co-working place. I realize that WeWork’s new chairman, Marcelo Claure has lots on his plate but, please add fixing the heat to your list. If you don’t, you will probably lose clients!

To give Spacious / WeWork some credit. They are trying to mitigate the problem by providing small space heaters.