Dr. A. Maya Kaye, DSW, LMSW headshot

A. Maya Kaye DSW, LMSW

Licensing & Certifications:

  • New York State Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)

Professional Background

Dr. A Maya Kaye is a seasoned neuroscience-informed psychotherapist, professor, and researcher. With a passion for translational research, she is dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and clinical practice, ensuring that advancements in the fields of neuroscience and psychotherapy are implemented swiftly and effectively in patient care.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Kaye specializes in working with both neurotypical and neurodiverse adults who are navigating the challenges of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and attachment trauma. By utilizing a neuroscience-informed and compassion-focused approach, she employs evidence-based interventions to help patients achieve their therapeutic goals and experience lastingpositive changes.

Alongside her clinical work, she has been privileged to contribute to the field of mental health through her role as a professor and mentor. Guiding and inspiring future mental health providers to develop a solid foundation in applying neuroscientific knowledge to clinical social work. By empowering aspiring professionals with the tools necessary to make a meaningful impact, she strives to foster a new generation of compassionate and knowledgeable professionals in the mental health care field.

Furthermore, Dr. Kaye’s dedication to research allows her to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and advancements in the field. Through research and scholarship, she continuously deepens her understanding and refines her therapeutic approach. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that she provides the highest standard of patient care, incorporating the latest scientific findings into her practice.

As a firm believer in the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary work, she is eager to forge connections with other professionals and organizations. By fostering partnerships within the scientific, clinical, and non-clinical communities, she aims to contribute to a collective effort to advance mental health care. With a blend of expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Kaye is driven to make a difference in the lives of those she serves, empowering individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


  • Ph.D., Physiology and Health
  • DSW., Doctor of Social Work
  • MSW., Master of Social Work
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Areas of Focus

  • Neurodiversity, mental health, equity, and inclusion
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress-related mental health disorders
  • Integrative medicine and compassion-focused interventions
  • Neuroscience applications in psychotherapy
  • Integrative medicine and compassion-focused interventions
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