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There are many challenges that you may face in a marriage. Whether you need help building a stronger marriage or coping with marital issues such as infidelity or problems related to intimacy, our resources below will help guide you in the right direction.

What to Do When You're Married but Lonely: 7 Tips to Reconnect

What to Do When You’re Married and Lonely: 13 Tips to Reconnect

If you’re married but lonely, there can be multiple sources of these feelings. Having a spouse does not mean you have a built-in best friend, so navigating why you’re married and lonely is important to explore.

by: Gabrielle Schreyer-Hoffman, PhD
How to Save Your Marriage: 10 Tips for Healthy Reconciliation

How to Save Your Marriage: 20 Tips For Healthy Reconciliation

If you and your partner have drifted apart, there are ways to work through conflict and save your marriage. If the effort to reconcile comes from both sides of the relationship, a positive outcome is possible.

by: Ana De la Cruz, LMFT

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10 Tips to Create Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

FAQ About Intimacy in a Marriage

What Is the Difference Between Sensual and Sexual Intimacy?

Sexual intimacy is the combination of a physical act of sex and the associated emotional closeness between partners. Sensual intimacy involves physical touch and pleasure, such as hugging and kissing. For example, instead of just holding hands, partners may engage in erotic massage.

How Should I Bring Up Sex With My Partner?

Consider setting aside a specific time for discussion when approaching the topic of sex and sex-related problems. Listen attentively to your partner as they share their feelings and perception about any issues. Be patient, non-judgmental, and clear as you touch on difficult conversations.

How Important Is Sex in a Marriage?

For many people, a healthy sex life is essential. Sex has many benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved sleep, decreased physical pain, and increased intimacy. However, not every couple wants or needs to maintain a regular sex life. Every situation is different, so discuss both your and your partner’s needs to determine the best approach.