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Starting therapy can be daunting, even scary for some. However, therapy can help you cope with a multitude of challenges, relationships problems, and mental health concerns. Below are resources to help you determine what kind of therapy you may need and locate a provider so you can start feeling better.

How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy

How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy: 21 Tips

Get the most out of your therapy sessions by being honest with your therapist about your reasons for going and the emotions that come up when you’re in sessions.

by: Insha Rahman, LCSW
how do i tell my parents i need therapy

How Do I Tell My Parents I Need Therapy?

As a teenager, discussing a need for therapy with your parents may seem overwhelming. You might worry about them overreacting, getting upset, or ignoring your request for help. Your concerns are legitimate, and it’s helpful to prepare what you want to say in advance. Consider what you’re struggling with and how you hope therapy will help you.

by: Nicole Arzt, LMFT

How to Prepare for Therapy

Therapy Essentials

Psychotherapy Psychologist Psychiatrists

Psychotherapists use talk therapy to help clients address root issues, learn more about themselves, and make positive behavior changes that improve their mental health.

Licensed psychologists provide various mental health treatment and assessment services, such as psychotherapy and psychological testing. Often, they have a specialized degree from programs focused on evidence-based approaches to diagnosable conditions.

Psychiatrists can provide various treatments, including medication management, psychotherapy, and alternative therapies, to help individuals manage psychiatric illnesses. They play a crucial role in supporting mental health and work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care for patients.

FAQ About Therapy Costs

Does Insurance Cover Therapy?

Most health insurance plans, including employer assistance programs (EAP) and insurance purchased through, have mental health benefits included. This is largely due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that mandated mental health and substance abuse benefits be included as one of the ten essential health insurance benefits.

What Is Sliding-Scale Therapy?

A therapist offering sliding scale services has a cost range that “slides” up and down for individual clients. A sliding scale structure offers reduced fees based on client income and number of dependents.

What Is a Superbill?

A superbill is a receipt of services that a therapist provides for the client to submit to their insurance provider. A superbill should include the statement of what services the provider rendered, the client’s diagnosis, and the amount owed.

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