Choosing Therapy is Hiring

Choosing Therapy was founded in 2020 with three clear missions:

  1. Improve the quality of mental health content on web
  2. Increase the number of people participating in talk therapy
  3. Help therapists earn a better living in private practice

Choosing Therapy is currently hiring nationwide for:

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Public Relations Associate

Choosing Therapy is an online therapy platform and publisher of mental health and emotional wellness content. We provide the therapists on our platform a wide range of services  including patient acquisition, scheduling, onboarding and billing. We also help them reach larger audiences through publishing and PR effort. Currently, we work with more than 500 therapists and we are growing at a rapid pace.

The Role

This is an entry level position for a person looking to break into the world of public relations. We work with over 500 therapists, who have expertise in a wide variety of areas. Your job is to get them quoted in the media.

Using a combination of tools, you’ll find relevant journalist/media inquiries, pass them along to the most qualified therapists, and then make sure their responses get picked up for publication. Your job is to help our therapists get great information out to qw wider audience and build the Choosing Therapy brand in the process.

You will also proactively build relationships with reporters in the mental health and wellness space, with the goal of becoming the go-to person for quotes/interviews related to mental health.

Responsibilities Include

  • Developing relationships with reporters and bloggers covering mental health.
  • Develop relationships with our therapist that want media coverage.
  • Actively evaluate opportunities for media coverage.
  • Reach out (email)  therapists about specific opportunities for coverage and generate responses on a timely basis.
  • Polish responses from therapists prior to sending them back to journalists.


  • College Education
  • Relevant Internships / Work Experience in Public Relations, Social Media, or SEO
  • Strong Written / Verbal Communication Skills
  • Interest In Psychology, Mental Health, and Emotional Wellbeing
  • You Understand that Response Time is Everything
  • This Position is 100% Remote


Full Time Position: $40,000 Annual Salary

How to Apply

Please fill out the application here.

(Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile required to apply.)

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