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Choosing Therapy was founded in 2020 with three clear missions:

  1. Improve the quality of mental health content on web
  2. Increase the number of people participating in talk therapy
  3. Help therapists earn a better living in private practice

Choosing Therapy is currently hiring nationwide for:

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Product & Service Review Editor For Choosing Therapy

Do you have a passion for mental health education? Do you like helping people find and choose great products and services?

Join Choosing Therapy as a Review Editor and become a part of our mission to help people find and access quality mental health content, including in-depth reviews of mental health-related products and services. Choosing Therapy currently serves 3 million + visitors per month.

Our Review Editors use services first-hand, to provide in-depth reviews in several areas, including reviews of online options for therapy, group therapy, and psychiatry, as well as reviews of mental health apps, such as apps for ADHD, anxiety, depression, couples, sobriety, and drinking in moderation.

Currently, we are primarily focused on reviewing online therapy, psychiatry, and healthcare platforms.

Here are examples of our recent review articles:

Online Therapy Platform Review: BetterHelp Review 2024

Online Psychiatry Platform Review: Hims Review 2024

Online Couples Therapy Review: Regain Therapy Review 2024

Our Review Editor is a junior-level position.


  • Creating Article Outlines – Create highly structured, SEO-informed outlines to provide review writers. All reviews will cover functionality, cost, and quality. However, we like to find the key questions that potential readers will want to answer for the specific type of product or service.
  • Using Services and Writing In-Depth Reviews -Whenever possible, our review editors use the product or service being reviewed first-hand. At a minimum, they go through extensive usage of available features, to show that we have first-hand experience. An in-depth review is then written about the service and reviewers’ experience using it.
  • Managing Review Assignments & Deadlines – Assign review articles to writers based on their expertise and capacity. Follow-up on deadlines.
  • Copy-Editing – Edit articles for formatting, readability, and completeness.
  • Shepherding Reviews Through the Publication Process – Manage the entire publication process: outlining, editing, medical review feedback, reviewing the work of infographics and WordPress teams, and performing on-page checks prior to publication
  • Recruiting New Review Writers – Recruit and onboard new writers (licensed therapists)
  • SEO Research – Perform SEO content and keyword research, and incorporate internal links into content. We provide SEO training.


  • Professional Editing or Review Writing Experience – 3+ Years
  • Highly Organized & Systematic Approach To Problem Solving
  • Passion For Mental Health

Position Details

  • 100% Remote
  • Monday Through Friday – Normal Business Hours
  • PTO Offered. No Insurance and no 401k.


Full Time Position: $50,000 Annual Salary

How to Apply

Please fill out the application here.


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