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Dating Advice Written by Therapists

Whether you’re seeking insights on building a healthy relationship, trying to avoid a toxic one, or need help coping with challenges like breakups or infidelity, our collection of articles is here to guide you with tips and advice from licensed mental health professionals.

green flags

15 Green Flags to Look for In a Relationship

Green flags in a relationship are positive actions or traits of a relationship. They indicate healthy behaviors, habits, and emotions in a relationship.

by: Jennifer Hickson, LCSW
6 Signs of Commitment Issues & 7 Ways to Deal With Them

10 Signs of Commitment Issues & How to Deal With Them

Commitment issues can come in a variety of issues that can upset or make it impossible to carry on a healthy and loving relationship with significant others.

by: Eric Patterson, LPC

FAQ About Dating & New Relationships

Do Relationship Breaks Work?

In general, a break can be good for those who want to work through conflict but are not sure how to do so without harming the relationship. Taking a break can also help when someone wants to develop healthier interpersonal skills, identify core feelings, address past trauma, or cope with relationship burnout.

What Are Friends With Benefits?

The term “friends with benefits” describes a relationship where individuals engage in sexual activity without any romantic or committed expectations. Generally speaking, the friendship connection is primary, and the friends involved engage in a sexual relationship with freedom from social and emotional expectations that come with romantic commitments.

What Is a Rebound Relationship & Am I in One?

A rebound relationship typically develops when one person remains hyperfocused on their previous partner, keeping them from being fully present or invested in their new partnership.. Look for fears of commitment, resentful feelings, and frequent mentions of an ex if you suspect you are the rebound after a breakup.

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