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At, we’re dedicated to providing our audience with unbiased, evidence-based, mental and behavioral health information and create a safe, welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions, learn, grow, and take the next step in their mental health journey. We also believe in transparency around our advertising policies and the ads that enable to continue to produce the highest quality mental health content on the web. Combines Clinical Expertise with Editorial Independence maintains complete editorial independence. The articles on are written by licensed therapists, medical professionals, and other industry professionals. Additionally, every article is medically reviewed, fact checked, and regularly updated to ensure our content is accurate and relies on the most current information available.

Our talented team of editors not only upholds our rigorous standards, but they also ensure each article offers practical next steps and actionable tips so that our audience is empowered to take the next step on their mental health journey. Our editorial team is editorially independent.

These high standards and editorial independence extends to our product and service reviews.

If you’re interested, we invite you to read our full editorial policy and review our detailed methodologies and scoring rubrics for product and service reviews.

We Partner With Select Advertisers to Keep Our Content Free

To keep our content free for our audience, we partner with advertisers who share our commitment to mental health and emotional wellness. However, our editorial independence is paramount, and no partnership will ever change that. Advertisers have no influence over our clinical writers, medical reviewers, editorial staff or the work they publish on our site.

All Ads are Reviewed, Relevant, and Clearly Labeled

We carefully review every ad to ensure it meets our strict standards. You will never see an ad on that is:

  • Misleading or inaccurate
  • Harmful or illegal
  • Offensive or discriminatory
  • Unrelated to health, mental health, emotional wellness, relationships, or parenting

This ensures that the only ads our audience sees are from reputable partners offering relevant resources.

And you should never have to wonder if what you’re looking at is an ad. That’s why we clearly label all the ads on and visually distinguish them from the editorial content.

Here are some examples of ads on

Affiliate links help advertisers know who sent them traffic and helps us afford to continue to produce the high quality mental health content you’ve come to rely on. Affiliate links also eliminate the need for our audience to do a bunch of annoying things, like remember to enter promotional codes in order to get special offers, discounts, or to let a company know how they heard about them because that info can be automatically applied with the partner by using affiliate links.

Choosing Does Not Allow Sponsored Articles DOES NOT allow sponsored content.

What is sponsored content? Sponsored content (also known as advertorial content) typically looks and feels like a website’s normal editorial content but is actually an extended ad from an advertising partner. For the most part, sponsored content is not subject to the same editorial processes or standards that a website’s normal editorial content is subject to. In our opinion, an average audience member might not be able to tell the difference between editorial content and sponsored content. That’s why we don’t allow sponsored content on

We believe by eliminating the ethical questions and confusion that sponsored content creates, we reinforce the trust we’ve established with our audience and maintain as a safe, welcoming environment to learn, grow, and take the next step in your mental health journey.

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This page was updated on February 8th, 2024.