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Frequently Asked Questions

Does therapy work?

Yes. Hundreds of studies have shown that therapy is effective.

Is online therapy effective?

Yes. Recent studies have shown that online therapy is as effective as traditional in-person therapy when delivered via real-time video session.

What is is an online publication dedicated to creating evidence-based guides covering mental health, psychology, relationships, parenting, and more. Our content is crafted by a team of seasoned licensed therapists and medical professionals and is medically reviewed for accuracy. Our dedicated team of editors ensure every piece meets our exacting editorial standards.’s mission is to provide a welcoming and judgment-free environment where everyone feels comfortable taking the next step in their mental health journey. Learn more about us here.

Who writes the articles on

The clinical guides on are written by an experienced group of 250 licensed therapists, credentialed mental health professionals, board-certified doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. When we cover topics that demand different expertise, for example when covering workplace rules and laws or the intricacies of insurance billing, we work with the relevant industry professionals to create our content. Those writers include experienced HR professionals, insurance professionals, medical journalists, and mental health advocates.

Every article on features a byline so you can see exactly who wrote the article you’re ready and learn more about that author’s credentials, experience, and professional background. Learn more about our editorial policy here.

Can I trust the content on

At, trust is paramount. To ensure quality content for our reader, our guides are crafted by a team of compassionate and seasoned licensed therapists and medical professionals. Each member of our expert writing team is dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge in their specific areas of behavioral health and psychology.

Once an article is drafted, it undergoes thorough review by our dedicated team of editors. Our editors ensure that every piece on provides clear answers to your most pressing questions, is presented in an accessible manner, and is free from unnecessary jargon.

After our edits are completed, every article is subjected to rigorous medical review by board-certified doctors and medical professionals. This ensures that our content is accurate, meticulously fact-checked, up-to-date, and relies on the latest research available. Learn more about our editorial policy here.

Does have a directory of local therapists?

Yes. maintains a directory of local therapists who offer both in-person and online therapy. The therapists in our directory have a wide variety of specialties, utilize many different modalities, and many accept insurance.’s therapist directory is free for providers.