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Mental health matters.

Therapy improves lives.

Choosing Therapy is increasing access to mental & behavioral health information and making it easier to find a licensed therapist.

We’re Improving Mental & Behavioral Health Information on the Web

Our articles are authored by licensed therapists, professors of psychology and counseling, and relevant professionals (such as HR, insurance, or legal experts). Every article then goes through a review by a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), or Psychologist (PhD or PsyD) to ensure that all content and medical information provided is accurate.

On the top of each article, Choosing Therapy lists the authors and reviewer and provides links to their full contributor’s page. Our articles will never say “staff written” or “staff reviewed” because we believe you should know who is writing and reviewing the articles you’re reading.

We’re Writing for Non-Mental Health Professionals

Choosing Therapy’s articles are easy to understand and use as little jargon as possible. If you need a masters degree in counseling to make sense of an article, we haven’t done our job well.

When making important decisions regarding your physical or mental health, you should always talk with a professional. However, figuring out what professional you might want to first contact and which questions you might want to ask them is difficult. After reading an article on our site, you should be better informed and educated.

We Feature No Banner Advertising & No Drug Ads

Banner ads are annoying and distracting. Worse, when placed alongside articles, banner ads are designed to disrupt your learning and discovery. Choosing Therapy believes there is no place for banner ads in mental health content. You deserve to be able to find reliable answers to your mental and behavioral health questions without distractions.

Choosing Therapy will incorporate online advertising that we believe is relevant and provides value to our readers. However, you will not see any advertising from Big Pharma on our site. Many of our competitors rely on revenue from drug ads which may bias their coverage in favor of drug based interventions. We believe the best way to ensure the integrity of our content is to avoid drug advertising entirely.

Choosing Therapy provides management services to individual therapists and private practices. Therapists or practices who are clients of Choosing Therapy are included in the Choosing Therapy Directory, as part of the package of services provided to them.

Choosing Therapy was originally funded by the company’s co-founders, Marc Prosser and Ian Atkins. In 2020, the company raised a seed venture capital round, with participation from American Family Ventures and Portag3 Ventures.

Meet Our Team

Marc Prosser, CEO & Co-Founder of Choosing Therapy

Marc Prosser

CEO & Co-Founder

Marc is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Choosing Therapy. Marc is currently in therapy and has benefited from working with two therapists as an adult. Expanding access to the benefits of therapy is a personal mission for Marc.

Marc also serves as non executive Chairman of the Board of Fit Small Business, a popular educational website for small business owners. Fit Small Business helps millions of small business owners every month make informed decisions regarding product purchases and business activities.

Ian Atkins, COO & Co-Founder of Choosing Therapy

Ian Atkins

COO & Co-Founder

Ian is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Choosing Therapy. Prior to Choosing Therapy, Ian was the General Manager of the largest business unit of Fit Small Business and managed a team of writers, editors, marketers, and business development professionals.

Meet Our Writers

Meet Our Medical Reviewers

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