“I am proud to be in therapy and would like to help others find therapists.”  

Marc Prosser, CEO & Co-Founder

Choosing Therapy believes the following.

Therapy improve lives. 

Finding a therapist should not be a traumatic process.

Therapy costs too much, while therapist earn too little.

Choose Therapy is working on innovative solutions in the mental health space. One of our first projects is building a better therapist directory.

Management Team

Marc Prosser

Marc is the CEO and Co-Founder of Choosing Therapy. Marc is currently in therapy and has benefited from working with two therapists as an adult. Bringing the benefits of therapy is a personal mission for Marc.

Additionally, Marc serves as non executive Chairman of the Board of Fit Small Business, a popular website educational website for small business owners.  Fit Small Business helpa millions of small business owners every month make informed decisions regarding product purchases and business activities.

You can contact me at mprosser @ choosingtherapy.com

Ian Atkins

Ian is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Choosing Therapy. Prior to Choosing Therapy, Ian was the General Manager of the largest business unit of Fit Small Business. He managed a team of over 30 writers, editors, marketers and business development professionals.

You can contact me at iatkins @ choosingtherapy.com