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Meditation is the dedicated act of focusing attention in order to quiet mental chatter and become still despite external stress and chaos. It’s becoming increasingly popular now that research is shedding light on the effectiveness of this ancient practice. Below you’ll find articles and resources to help you both understand and practice meditation.

Guided Imagery for Anxiety

Guided Imagery for Anxiety

Anxiety can feel difficult to control and contributes to increased stress and other issues. Using guided imagery can help decrease the symptoms of anxiety by using visualization techniques to improve relaxation within the body and mind. Simply by imagining positive and calming scenarios, you can decrease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even physical pain.

by: Kaytee Gillis, LCSW-BACS
Best Meditation Apps

Best Meditation Apps of 2024

Meditation apps are a great way to help focus, relax, or unwind after a long day.

by: Caitlin Bell, M.A.

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