Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW

Headshot of Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Georgia License #001598. NY License #R0323431
Certified Consultant and Trainer in Brainspotting
Certified 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Certified in EMDR
Certified in Core Energetics
Certified Facilitator Happy for No Reason
Certified B.R.E.T.H. Work

Area of Focus:

  • Trauma-informed individual counseling
  • Emotional and physical regulation
  • Dream and sleep struggles
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression.
  • Individual and Couples counseling
  • Spiritual counseling with a focus on trauma and grief
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Life transitions at different stages of adult development
  • Birth trauma


MSW, New York University
BA, American University

Professional Organizations:

Founder Southeast Brainspotting Institute
Member of the National Association of Social Workers
Member of Georgia Society of Clinical Social Workers
Member of the Society of the Integration of Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Cynthia’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW, brings a wealth of training and experience to her current private practice in Integrative Therapy called Cynthasis: integrating various cutting-edge therapies to help people integrate. Some modalities she uses include brainspotting, EMDR, core energies, parts work, and guided imagery.

Cynthia has been a therapist, speaker, and trainer in the mind/body field for over three decades. The tools she shares with her clients are traditional and non-traditional modalities. Her book, The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity, presents many of these modalities. Cynthia can help people get to the origin of their pain and heal with compassion and wisdom. Working somatically and cognitively, she sees the power of bringing awareness to the body, mind, and spirit as dissociated, lost, frozen parts heal. Cynthia is passionate about helping people shift from automatic pilot to intuitive wisdom.

She has presented for the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, the National Association for Social Work, and the Clinical Society for Social Workers. She has been on faculty for the Institute of Core Energetics from 1986-2012 and continues to give trainings and workshops on brainspotting nationally and internationally. Most recently Cynthia developed and trained professionals in harmonic brain healing, a modality that helps release stuck thoughts and horrific images.

Additional Publications

  • Schwartzberg, C. (2018) Brainspotting and Grounding. In. Wolfrum, G. (Ed), The Power of Brainspotting An International Anthology, (pp. 31-53). Asanger Verlag, GmbH Kroning.
  • Schwartzberg, C. (2012). Success Training: Cynthia Schwartzberg. In Leon, K. (Ed), You Make A Difference: 50 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation (pp 47-50). Babypie Publishing.
  • Grand, D. & Schwartzberg, C. (2015) Forward.  Loring, M. & Scardaville, M. Intimate Coercion: Recognition and Recovery. (pp. ix-xi). Roman & Littlefield.