Dian Grier, LCSW

Dian Grier, LSCW - Therapist & Author


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
EMDR – EMDR Insitute
Suicide Trainer – CDCR

Areas of Focus:

Artists’ mental health, Careers, Codependency, Communication issues, Trauma, Counseling Triads, Non-monogamous Relationships, LGBTQI and Non-binary, helping people find meaning and direction, and Existential Crisis issues. 


Masters Social Work – Arizona State University
Business Associates – Washington State University

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Professional Background

I have been working as a clinical therapist for over 13 years. In that time I have worked in various areas including grief, addiction, relationships, finding a path in life, and I specialize in trauma work. There are maps we imprint early in life that follow us in one form or another throughout our entire lives. We often act these learnings out without knowing where they come from or why we do the things we do. I act as a guide to help you understand this life map you have created, cognitions that you believe that may not be serving you any longer, and we work together to find a new perspective on life.