Tasha Seiter MS, PhD, LMFT


Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) (MFT.0002369)
  • Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP)
  • Certified Learning to Breathe (L2B) Mindfulness Group Facilitator
  • Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Trained in Premarital Enhancement
  • Trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
  • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Professional Background

Dr. Tasha Seiter is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and owner of Heart of the Matter Therapy and Coaching, a group practice that provides couples, individual, and family therapy to residents of Colorado as well as coaching services to couples and individuals worldwide. Dr. Tasha is passionate about helping couples and individuals as a therapist and coach to connect in deeper ways, break destructive conflict patterns, and enhance their physical and sexual bond.

Dr. Tasha and all of the clinicians at her group practice specialize in compassionate and science-backed methods. She is a scientist-practitioner with dozens of published research articles on the topics of relationships, mindfulness, and stress physiology. Tasha values using techniques that are validated by research to bring positive change in relationships and life satisfaction. Dr. Tasha has advanced training in the modalities that research shows have the power to greatly enhance relational health, including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Premarital Relationship Enhancement, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These methods really work to bring lasting change to Dr. Tasha’s clients and she feels so grateful to be able to practice them everyday.

The scientifically proven techniques are complimented by warmth, genuineness, and an enthusiastic energy that propels her clients toward their goals. Dr. Tasha believes that acceptance and a space where we experience nonjudgement of our experiences (we are all human!) is healing and something that we all would ideally have in this world.

You can often find Dr. Tasha in the media. She has been seen in publications such as Forbes, Bustle, Healthline, Popsugar, and Best Life Online, as well as featured on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio. She is also a blogger for Psychology Today, the owner of the Mindful Relationships Blog. She loves to write about the topics that she uses in her clinical work to catalyze change in lives and relationships, including topics such as couple relationships, sexuality, mindfulness, and happiness.

Dr. Tasha loves to hear from her readers. She encourages you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, would like to book counseling or coaching services, have an idea for a media interview, or just to chat!


  • PhD, Applied Developmental Science, Colorado State University
  • Masters of Science, Human Development and Family Studies with a Concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), Colorado State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, Psychology and Human Biology Double Major, Ohio University

Professional Affiliations

  • Founder of the Fort Collins Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Community
  • International Association for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Why I Write for Choosing Therapy

I write for Choosing Therapy because of their mission to giving well-trained and skilled experts in the field a voice to share what they have spent so much time devoted to.

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Area of Focus

Specializing in couples counseling using EFT and Gottman Method, Dr. Seiter offers attachment-based relationship therapy, sexuality counseling, and premarital guidance. She also focuses on personal growth, values-based living, and compassionate self-discovery, providing worldwide coaching services.

  • Couples counseling (using Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT and Gottman Method Couples Therapy)
  • Applied Attachment Theory
  • Sexuality counseling to improve sexual satisfaction and health
  • Relationship counseling for one helping individuals heal relationship issues
  • Premarital counseling to improve communication and marital satisfaction
  • Moving past people-pleasing tendencies
  • Values-based living/fulfillment and purpose in life
  • Enhancing compassion for self and other
  • Worldwide coaching services for couples and individuals

What Does It Mean to Be Demisexual?

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which sexual attraction is only experienced after developing a close emotional bond with another person. Those who are demisexual do not feel sexual attraction to others based on looks alone, their sexual desire is tied to the level of emotional connection and trust felt with this person. This often takes time and the experience of deep connection to develop.

May 5, 2023

“I am here for you to break painful patterns in your relationship. We will do this work side by side to get you to a place in your relationship where you feel heard, understood, safe, and connected.”