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Andrea Marano LCSW

Licensing & Certifications:

  • NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Professional Background

Andrea Marano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in school-based mental health services, children and adolescents and family wellness. She is passionate about equity and access to mental health care and early intervention. She is dedicated to supporting individuals throughout the lifespan and families to facilitate healing and breaking cycles of trauma.

In sessions, Andrea takes a somatic, trauma-informed approach and is committed to tailoring interventions to each individual or family. She focuses on empowerment, autonomy, consent and healing justice in the therapeutic process. She is pursuing certification in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health and incorporates the mind-body connection and explores the relationship between the food we eat, the way we move and how it makes us feel.

Her practice also supports organizations with clinical consultation in program development, personnel management, staff capacity building and training. She seeks to not only support individuals and families with their healing journey, but also supporting organizations and businesses in building cultures that are supportive of mental and emotional wellness.

Prior to her entering the field of mental health, Andrea focused on arts education and directed, choreographed and trained young artists in musical theater, dance and acting. She is passionate about infusing the arts in her practice by incorporating rhythmic drumming, movement-based experiences, role-playing and other therapeutic techniques where it is clinically appropriate. She also consults and collaborates with arts education organizations to support youth development initiatives, provide clinical consultation and develop therapeutic arts programming for youth, families and communities.


  • B.S Counseling and Human Services
    Concentration: Human Development
    The University of Scranton
  • MSW Columbia School of Social Work
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Areas of Focus

  • School-based mental health and expanding therapeutic access and options for for students
  • Working with children, adolescents and young adults experiencing trauma, behavioral challenges, ADHD, and autism
    family wellness including building family routines and structures to support overall wellness, working through damaged relationships and divorce, facilitating healing and breaking cycles of trauma
  • Organizational capacity building including consultation, program development, training and personnel management
  • Integrative medicine in mental health care and exploring the intersection between the way we eat, move and take care of ourselves and how we feel, including alternatives to psychotropic medication or ways to holistically wean off psychotropic medication
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