Deysi Vatman LMSW headshot

Deysi Vatman LMSW

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Master Social Worker
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certification
  • Trauma Informed Clinical Practice Certification

Professional Background

Deysi Vatman is a licensed social worker who graduated with a master’s degree from Smith College School of Social Work in August 2018. Her professional experience includes working in a school-based social-emotional wellness program through Children’s Aid, where she supported students in navigating their emotional well-being, conducting after school social emotional wellness programs, and providing individual counseling. She then served as a high-risk social worker at Mount Sinai Health Partners, primarily focusing on patients with mental and medical comorbidities including depression, anxiety, substance use disorder and medical comorbidities that impact care and managed a caseload of 30-35 patients.

Deysi previously worked as an oncology social worker at Mount Sinai Hospital, providing support to individuals and families affected by cancer and has a history of working in inpatient oncology settings addressing barriers to discharge back home. Currently, she is a part of a private practice and works for a non-profit that assists breast cancer patients.

Deysi’s passion lies in addressing medical and mental health disparities within BIPOC communities. She is dedicated to promoting greater health equity and breaking down systemic barriers to quality care. Her work is centered around advocating for and supporting these communities, striving to ensure that everyone has access to the care and resources they need for improved health outcomes.


  • Bachelor of Arts Manahttanvillle College
  • Master of Social Worker Smith College
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Areas of Focus

Deysi specializes in trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief.

  • Trauma Informed Care Counseling to young adult and adult population
  • Mindfulness-based therapy for managing cancer pain
  • Psychodynamic therapy and approach to provide support around diagnosable mental health conditions including but not limited to major depression and anxiety
  • Supportive and Brief Grief Counseling related to
  • Oncology care
  • Trauma informed group counseling for emotional regulation and creative arts activities
    Substance use
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