Headshot-- Caitlin Bell-- MA

Caitlin Bell M.A


Licensing & Certifications:

  • M. A., English, Arizona State University, 2021

Professional Background

Caitlin Bell is a writer for Choosing Therapy. For over four years, Caitlin Bell has been at the forefront of using and sharing information about meditation apps, mood journals, and teletherapy platforms. She knows that people are looking for effective, enjoyable, affordable products. Her attention to the fine print in contracts and privacy policies allows her to be well-versed and well-informed on the products, services, and apps she reviews for Choosing Therapy. Her goal is to provide consumers with facts that are easy to understand as they seek help on their mental health journeys.

Caitlin takes great pride in her deep roots within the military community – her grandfathers, her father, and her husband have served or currently serve in the military. As a military spouse, she has done extensive volunteer work with Family Readiness Groups and has first-hand experience with active duty service members and their families who suffer due to the stigma surrounding mental health care. She believes that ending this stigma will save lives.

As a writer, Caitlin spends extensive time with each app, product, or service she reviews to ensure she knows how everything there is to know about it. She’s driven to find those things that are unique and amazing, that are run of the mill, and what’s truly coming up short. She knows that when we spend money on our mental health and emotional well-being, we want to feel relief – not be left frustrated with usability issues or stuck with buyer’s remorse.

Technology is changing the delivery of mental and behavioral health services and therapeutics. Tech is changing how people engage with therapists and psychiatrists. It’s helping to make care more accessible and reducing stigma by normalizing the topics of mental health and emotional wellness.

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Areas of Focus

Caitlin’s areas of focus include:

  • Online Therapy Platforms
  • Online Psychiatry Platforms
  • Adolescent/Teen Mental Health Platforms
  • Mental Health Apps (CBT Apps, Meditation Apps, Mindfulness Apps, Journaling Apps, Sleep Apps)
  • Mental Health Products (Wearables, Games, Devices)
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