Headshot Max Ruvinov PharmD MBA

Max Ruvinov PharmD, MBA

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Pharmacist License #: 2020014473

Professional Background

With over 5 years of experience in the field of pharmacy, Max Ruvinov puts his focus on mental health, sexual dysfunction, and weight loss, building upon a solid foundation in comprehensive medication management for various patient populations. His pharmacy experience has been driven by a commitment to enhancing patient well-being, leading to a deep understanding of the critical role pharmacotherapy plays in managing complex health conditions.

In his current role, Max works closely with patients and healthcare professionals to address challenges in mental health, sexual dysfunction, and weight management. Employing a patient-centered approach, he focuses on optimizing medication regimens, ensuring safety, and enhancing efficacy. His work is motivated by the profound impact that appropriate pharmacological intervention can have on improving an individual’s quality of life. Working alongside multidisciplinary teams, he strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients, witnessing transformative changes such as improved mental health stability, restored sexual function, and successful weight management.

Previously, Max has served in various capacities within hospital and community pharmacy settings, where he has focused on medication therapy management, patient counseling, and drug safety. These experiences enriched his expertise in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, allowing him to develop tailored medication regimens for diverse patient populations. His time spent collaborating with healthcare professionals has been invaluable in shaping his holistic approach to patient care.

Professional Associations

  • Member of the American Pharmacists Association


  • Saint Louis College of Pharmacy- Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • University of Louisiana Shreveport- Mastering in Business Administration

Why I Write For Choosing Therapy

I write for ChoosingTherapy.com because I respect their high editorial standards and their commitment to providing accurate, evidence-based mental health information. As a pharmacist, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and expertise to a platform that ensures every article is written by licensed professionals, carefully edited, and medically reviewed. This aligns perfectly with my dedication to promoting informed health decisions and improving patient outcomes.

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Areas of Focus

Max Ruvinov is an experienced pharmacist with expertise in medication management for multiple mental health conditions.

  • Mental health medication management
  • Pharmacotherapy for sexual dysfunction
  • Weight loss medication strategies
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“To those starting their journey toward better health, remember that understanding and managing your condition is a significant first step. Whether you’re navigating mental health challenges, addressing sexual dysfunction, or working towards weight loss, know that you’re not alone. With the right information and support, including effective pharmacotherapy, you can achieve your health goals. Keep pushing forward, stay informed, and never hesitate to seek out the resources and professional advice you need to thrive.”