Michael Williams


Areas of Focus:

  • Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance
  • Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance Billing
  • Private Practice

Michael’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

Michael Williams is currently the Owner of MCM South, Medical Billing Service, LLC since 2010. Michael began his career in the financial services earning his Series 7, 63 & 65 license. In this role Michael learned to talk with individuals about complex trading strategies with CEO’s to associates.

Working with individuals to small practices, Michael has become an expert in working with patient demographic, CPT code(s) and the proper usage on claim form (CMS-1500 or UB04) being transmitted through EDI to the clearinghouse for distribution to insurance. In the ten years, Michael has worked with clients from all across the US, as each state has different Medicaid requirements that are unique and have their own insurance carriers that require specific credentialing and claim receipt requirements.

With his experience and working with the front-end providers, he began consulting with providers on how to build a successful practice. Then in 2015 he began working with a start-up, SimplePractice, that needed expertise with their clients and someone who could communicate with their clearinghouse in the proper language. This required a full submersion into the back-office of claims submission with the unique requirements of each individual insurance carrier to accomplish the ultimate goal of a completed claim submission without errors.

Michael likes the term “I speak Insurance.” When interacting with each insurance company, there is a standard on how they operate, however, there is a common language of discovery that leads to successful claim submission for reimbursement.

Professional Affiliations

  • PTA President/Vice-President, 2011-2015