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Randi Sprintis M.S.


Professional Background

Randi Sprintis is the Mental Health Technology Editor for Choosing Therapy. Throughout her career, she’s been inspired and fascinated by technology’s growing role in promoting self-care, mental health, yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness tools to the masses. With the vast number of online therapeutic services emerging every day, Randi aims to direct consumers in the right direction by conducting thorough reviews of the apps, products, and services she encounters. She firmly believes that making mental healthcare more affordable and accessible can change people’s lives all over the world.

Her interest in mindfulness and conscious living started twenty years ago when she studied and trained to be an Ashtanga yoga instructor. She immediately saw how yoga teachings were strongly associated with theories she learned while earning her master’s degree in Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy. Randi applied this all-encompassing look on personal growth when she became an Associate Course Director in 2008 and taught classes like Psychology of Human Interaction, Anger Management, and Interpersonal Communication.

After teaching for over ten years, Randi became a researcher and writer for a parenting and child development app. She learned how significant a parent’s influence is in the first three years of a child’s life and how mobile apps could completely transform how new parents learn to care for young children. She continues to be motivated to explore the world of technology to find exceptional apps, products, and services that can aid consumers’ well-being in an affordable and effective way.

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Areas of Focus

Randi’s areas of focus include:

  • Online Couples Counseling Platforms
  • Online Marriage & Therapy Platforms
  • Sober/Alcohol Management Platforms
  • Mindful Drinking/Sobriety & Addiction Recovery Platforms
  • Mindfulness Apps
  • Yoga and Mindful Meditation Apps (Streaming Services Included)
  • Mental Health Apps (Couples Counseling, Relationship, Parenting Apps)
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