Headshot of Elena Welsh, PhD

Elena Welsh PhD

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY25996)

Professional Background

Elena Welsh, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist located in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Welsh received her doctorate degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and completed advanced clinical training through a postdoctoral fellowship at Gateways Psychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Welsh has worked with a wide range of clients, including individuals who have experienced trauma, and folks dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and psychosis.

Dr. Welsh specializes in science-informed self-help books, including 5-Minute Stress Relief: 75 Exercises to Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Body, Getting to Good: A Guided Journal, Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing: A Workbook to Help You Grow, Rebuild, and Take Back Your Life, and The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook for Panic Attacks and has published articles in various medical and research journals.

Dr. Welsh has also served as a consultant for statewide initiatives aimed at increasing trauma-informed care and as an adjunct faculty member for various universities in Los Angeles.


PhD in Human Services Psychology (Clinical and Community), University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2012

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Areas of Focus

Elena Welsh provides empowering insights and strategies for individuals navigating mental health challenges and seeking to cultivate resilience. Through evidence-based approaches and practical guidance, Dr. Welsh offers tools to help individuals manage their mental well-being effectively.
Her expertise focuses on the following:

  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis
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