Katie Unterreiner, LCSW

Headshot of Katie Unterreiner, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker: Washington #60196792, Oregon #10889
Board Certified Clinical Supervisor
Sensory Enrichment Therapy Certification

Area of Focus:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Co-Dependency
  • Trauma, including PTSD & trauma stress
  • Boundaries
  • Burnout
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Grief
  • Mother/daughter relational therapy
  • Child development
  • Sensory processing difficulties in children
  • Parent/child communication


Masters in Social Work, Portland State University
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Central Washington University

Professional Affiliations:

National Association of Social Workers, NASW
Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers Approved Supervisor, #60196792

Books Authored:

Motivate: Charts and Pictures That Help Children with ADHD Focus and Organize

Katie’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

Katie graduated from Portland State University with a Masters in Social Work and currently provides individual, family therapy, and clinical supervisor to therapists working toward licensure. She is an author and uses pictures and art to help children and families communicate to one another about feelings and changing the understanding of a problem.

Katie also provides therapy and consultation to healers and entrepreneurs, using a holistic approach focused on Narrative therapy, mindfulness and Family Systems Theory. Katie has specialized training in sensory enrichment and mindfulness as well as holistic healing for women.

Katie uses mindfulness and compassionate inquiry to explore how present and past stories are experienced in the nervous system and how these stories influence our experiences. She helps clients tune into their present moment for guidance and wisdom which helps bring greater clarity and at times a new way of reframing old stories. She often uses a reframing approach by focusing on intention setting and expressive arts to shift into present moment awareness. This approach allows for deeper understanding of ones emotional landscape which creates new ways to connect to the self and others.  

Katie provides therapy to help individuals heal from co-dependency, perfectionism and the FAWN response, allowing clients to experience daily life from a conscious and compassionate lens. She teaches ways to use insight and intuition to look at the deeper meaning of a hurt that may be showing up in daily habits as trauma related coping responses.

Katie uses expressive art and art solutions for processing grief and loss. Using interoception helps create a new neuro network for processing the world in the present moment, allowing for peace and safety to be part of processing strong emotions. She uses sensory enrichment, mindfulness, expressive and visual arts to become more aware of ones own conscious thoughts and feelings. Katie creates a therapeutic process using color/art therapy, visualization, intention work, compassionate noticing which helps clients process information without being cued to  trauma informed responses that may have been learned to adapt to trauma.