Headshot Zachary Reale PharmD

Zachary Reale PharmD


Licensing & Certifications:

  • Registered Pharmacist in NY & WA
  • Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery
  • Pharmacy Point-of-Care Testing
  • Medication Therapy Management Certificate

Professional Background

Dr. Zachary Reale has been practicing pharmacy for over 5 years, primarily in community pharmacy with additional experience in long term geriatric care and outpatient infusion. Dr. Reale is a Pharmacist that strives to put patients first and make time for medication questions and concerns about drug therapies.

As a community pharmacist, Zach has spent significant time counseling patients on new medications, and covering potential side effects and interactions with other drugs. He has specialized training in Medication Therapy Management, in which he routinely reviews patients’ medication therapies and ensures the risks and benefits of each drug are understood. Through this process, potentially harmful drug interactions are identified and resolved. He strongly believes the best way to reduce medication related side effects is through education and prevention.

Zach is also a strong advocate for vaccinations and preventative health. He organizes and facilitates numerous vaccination events within his community to spread accurate public information and emphasize the benefits of staying up to date on all vaccinations. He currently resides and works in the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Associations

American Pharmacists Association


Doctorate of Pharmacy, PharmD, St. John’s University

Why I Write for Choosing Therapy

I write for ChoosingTherapy.com because I wanted a way to provide accurate, evidence-based mental health medication information to a large audience. Medications are an important part of treatment and having access to accurate and easy to understand information is key. I appreciate that the articles on ChoosingTherapy.com are written by a licensed mental health provider, carefully edited, and medically reviewed.

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Areas of Focus

Zachary Reale is an experienced pharmacist with expertise a medication therapy management in community settings. His areas of focus include weight management, sexual health, and mental health conditions.

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Medication therapy management with a focus in polypharmacy and cost reduction strategies
  • Vaccinations and preventative care
  • Medication counseling with a focus in devices including inhalers and injectables
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“Starting a new drug therapy for mental disorders can be daunting. Understanding your treatment, intended goals, and risks of a medication can help you feel more comfortable and empowered about your mental health. Safe medication use is the top priority and using your medications as prescribed should always be the goal. Finally, you can always find support from your healthcare team, including pharmacists, never hesitate to reach out!”