Edelys Mariel Diaz, LMFT

Edelys Mariel Diaz, LMFT

Edelys Mariel Diaz, LMFT
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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Florida

Area of Focus:

Childhood Trauma, Self-Esteem, Foster Care/Adoption, Parenting


B.S. in Clinical Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Dominican Republic
M.S. in Marriage & Family Therapy, Distinction, Florida

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Professional Background

My career initiated in 2014 doing my school practicum. I worked at a small non-profit organization working with undocumented women, especially domestic violence survivors. I provided individual therapy for these women and I also did group therapy for women. From here, I transitioned to work with children and families in 2015 and have been doing this work ever since. I work with children/teenagers in the foster care system, helping kids and teens process their trauma and work with the caregivers/parents on how to provide the proper emotional support for the child along with parenting skills.

I also work with pre- and post-adoptive children/teenagers and adoptive families. I help kids and teens with the transition of becoming adopted and help the parents have a healthy bond with the adoptive child/teen. My work is mostly trauma focused and provide emotional support to the entire to the entire family. I do individual work with children and teenagers to work through their trauma or any emotional distress they may be experiencing. I work with the parents in teaching them how to be a supportive parent and work with them in gaining confidence in themselves.