Headshot of Heidi Moawad, MD

Heidi Moawad MD

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Active State of Ohio Medical License
  • Certified by the Board of Medical Examiners

Professional Background

Heidi Moawad MD has been a neurologist for over 20 years and is experiences in treating a wide variety of neurological conditions. Dr. Moawad also has experience in utilization review. Dr. Moawad is a reviewer of research articles submitted for peer reviewed neurology journals. She is also a writer, editor, and medical reviewer for several online publications including ChoosingTherapy.com, Psychiatric Times, Neurology Live, Healthline, and Verywell Health.

Dr. Moawad currently is teaching faculty at CWRU School of Medicine and is also the owner of Nonclinical Doctors.

Professional Affiliations

Associate Editor, Humanities Section, Neurology.Org
Reviewer, Neurology.Org and Neurology Clinical Practice


BS, Case Western Reserve University
MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine,
Internal Medicine internship, Northwestern Evanston Hospital
Neurology Residency, University of Chicago

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Area of Focus

Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Neurological Disease, Migraines, Pain, Stroke, Cognitive Impairment, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injuries

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