Vivian Ireton, LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Addiction Counselor

Area of Focus:

Marriage Issues, Christian Counseling, Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders, Depression


Bachelor of Religion, BS, Oakland City University
Master of Divinity, MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary
Master of Social Work, MSW, University of Southern Indiana

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Professional Background

Vivian Ireton is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. For over a decade, she has helped individuals and couples develop healthy lifestyles and relationships through couples counseling. Additionally, she has a Master of Divinity, and specializes in Christian counseling.

Her passions include working with couples to strengthen their marriages as well as helping people connect to their faith as it relates to their everyday lives.

Vivian is trained in and utilizes cognitive behavioral, solution focused, dialectical behavior, mindfulness, and motivational interview techniques in her therapy practice.