Diana Rangaves, PharmD headshot

Diana Rangaves PharmD, RPh

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Pharmacist | California State Board of Pharmacy

Professional Background

Dr. Diana Rangaves is a California State Board-certified pharmacist with comprehensive experience in psychopharmacology, deploying pharmacy practice models, and managing automated pharmacy systems. Her career highlights span 35 years with notable positions, such as:

  • Interim Director and Clinical Pharmacist | Aurora Behavioral Health Acute Psychiatric Hospital
  • Tenured College Professor and Director of the Pharmacy Technician Program | Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Clinical Faculty for Pharmacy, Nursing, Alcohol and Other Drug Studies | Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Clinical Pharmacist, Integrative Medicine Practitioner | EPIC Care ~ Implementation Patient-Centered Model
  • Clinical Pharmacy Services Liaison | Sonoma West Medical Center Hospital
  • Executive Editor | Healthcare Worldwide Central e~Magazine

As a graduate of the University of California San Francisco, her subject matter expert captures the educational mindset of complex material delivering information through diligent research and systematic interviews focusing on truth and objectivity.

Professional Organizations

  • Scientific Board, Cannabis for Children International
  • International Women’s Leadership Association
  • International Association of Professional Writers and Editors


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) | University of California, San Francisco
  • Associate of Science (AS) | City College of San Francisco
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Areas of Focus

Diana Rangaves is an experienced pharmacist with expertise in behavioral health pharmacology.

  • Behavioral health clinical pharmacology
  • Medication and disease education
  • Drug & non-drug treatment modalities
  • Therapeutic substitutions
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Formulary reviews and options
  • Cardiovascular, respiratory, and diabetes management
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