Kristen Souza, LMHC

Kristen Souza, LMHC

Area of Focus:

  • Adolescents in the DJJ system, anger issues, conduct disorder, identifying family dysfunction and trauma. 
  • Women’s career and relationship issues.
  • Gaining self-confidence and learning the importance and implementation of boundaries.
  • Identifying self-worth, assertive communication techniques, and problem solving skills. 
  • Women dealing with Irritable Bowel syndrome and Anxiety.
  • Identifying trauma, somatic symptoms and irrational thoughts. 
  • Improving day to day functionality for adults and adolescents dealing with ADHD symptoms by implementing practical tools and accountability  
  • Reducing anxious symptoms including panic attacks by implementing practical coping skills, reframing irrational thoughts, identifying attachment styles and utilizing relaxation techniques


Bachelor of Science at Florida State University

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University

Kristen’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida with over seven years of experience. The majority of my experience has been working with adolescents and young adults where I provided individual, group and family therapy. Although most of my experience has been with adolescents and younger adults, I’ve worked with all different age groups ranging from 13-72.

I’ve worked with a  wide range of issues including substance abuse disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, conduct disorders, family dysfunction, trauma and life transitions to name a few. I especially enjoy working with anxiety and ADHD disorders and find practical coping skills to improve overall day-to-day functioning. I believe everyone has some sort of trauma to work through which is the core of most dysfunctional symptoms. 

My approach is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, although I will meet the client where they are at with the course of treatment and consider my approach eclectic. I have extensive experience using Aggression Replacement Training (ART) with adolescents which is a 10-week, 30-hour Cognitive Behavioral group program for juvenile offenders. ART focuses on modeling pro-social skills and moral reasoning to help reduce anger issues. 

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