Kristin Davin, Psy.D.

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FL, Psychologist #PY1110-4
NJ, Psychologist #35S100577800
NY, Psychologist #019599

Areas of Focus:

  • Couples and Marriage Counseling, including counseling for premarital, LGBTQ, married, and coupled up.
  • Life transitions
  • Individual Therapy
  • Dating
  • Divorce, with a focus on helping people (couples, individuals) go through a separation/divorce and manage co-parenting issues.
  • Career development Coaching (with a focus on EQ assessments)


MA, Community Psychology, Penn State, Harrisburg, PA
MS, Clinical Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
PsyD, Clinical Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Professional Background

Early in my career, I worked with a diverse population that provided me an opportunity to expand my skills, expertise, and knowledge. This population included working with the disenfranchised in North Philadelphia at an outpatient primary care setting (treating co-morbidity, addiction, financial and family stress, food scarcity), to people suffering from addictions (drug and alcohol) both individually and running groups. I have also worked with a psychiatry team evaluating patients in the ER as well as Toxicology providing emergency evaluations to assess their mental health.

For the past eleven years, my scope of practice has focused primarily on helping individuals and couples overcome challenging and destructive relationship issues and patterns, moving through life transitions (separation/divorce, having children), difficult work dynamics with a focus on improving their EQ in the workplace (through assessments and coaching).

As the focus of my practice has changed, so has my approach. Although my training focused primarily on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, it has been through my work and additional trainings did I begin to expand my treatment approach to include Emotionally Focused Therapy (with a focus on Attachment Theory) Solution Focused Therapy and Family of Origin work.

Taking an integrative approach allows me to meet each client where they are while providing direction, insight, and collaboration. I also value the challenges that I have experienced personally (divorce/remarriage/stepchild, domestic violence, relocation, and family strife) and use these experiences when appropriate to more connect on a deeper level with others and provide much needed guidance and direction while asking the necessary questions so people can begin to move out of their comfort zone and ultimately into a place of improved emotional and mental health.

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