Headshot of Ana De La Cruz, LMFT

Ana De la Cruz LMFT

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Professional Background

I have extensive experience working with couples who have issues related to trust, intimacy, communication, infidelity, parenting, and conflict. My passion is to help people lead healthy happy lives with their loved ones.

My experience includes working with individual adults, couples, and children from different backgrounds. I am able to provide therapy in English and Spanish. Before Working With Clients In Private Practice, I Spent Several Years Working For M.U.J.E.R, A Nonprofit Organization That Helps Families Who Have Been Victims Of Domestic Violence. My work at M.U.J.E.R shaped my perspective on how often physical and emotional abuse occurs in couples. Many of these couples went on to get remarried and continued to carry the traumatic experience into their new relationship which led to several struggles into their new marriage including abuse. I became an expert in recognizing emotional and physical abuse through a series of assessments. In My current work with couples who are struggling with their relationship, I am able to identify with ease abusive communication patterns and create interventions that lead to long term success.

In addition to working with couples, I also specialized in Applied Behavioral Analysis as a Lead Analyst. I work directly with families who have children in the spectrum of Autism and other behavioral disorders. I have been able to help several children in my community achieve their highest potential through the creations and implementations of behavioral modification programs. I like to work directly with the entire family (parents, siblings, and caretakers) and train each one of them at their own level to help my client succeed.

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Association for Marriage and family therapy


  • Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Science in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University
  • Master Level certificate from the University of Spain in Applied Behavioral analysis and several certifications in Domestic violence preventions and crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
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Areas of Focus

Ana specializes in relationships and family dynamics.

  • Relationship expert
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Family Therapist
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