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Melissa Boudin PsyD

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Licensing & Certifications:

  • CA Licensed Psychologist, PSY26430

Professional Background

Dr. Melissa Boudin’s career as a psychologist began 11 years ago, when she worked in a hospital setting as a therapist for people who were in crisis, including people who were suicidal, in danger of harming others, or experiencing serious turmoil in life. During this time her time working with people in these very difficult situations, Dr. Boudin saw a real need for more effective preventative care, or care focused on preventing the types of mental health crises she saw on a daily basis.

Seeing the need for preventative care encouraged Dr. Boudin’s shift into working in community mental health, where she spent the next five years of her career focusing on this type of preventative mental health care. Her work included developing community education programs that informed people about common mental health issues, their warning signs, and when to seek care. Dr. Boudin also provided individual therapy to people experiencing various types of depression and anxiety, trauma, and life transition issues. It was in this position that she developed and refined her current approach, combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and strength-based techniques in treatment.

Two years ago Dr. Boudin expanded into private practice, further focusing her practice in working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, work/life/family stress, life transition issues, and loss and grief related issues, while continuously educating herself and evolving her practice.

Currently, Dr. Melissa Boudin serves as the Editor in Chief at Choosing Therapy where she authors mental health content for the general public and reviews our provider content designed to help therapists grow their private practice

Professional Organizations
Member of American Psychological Association
Member of California Psychological Association

Publications & Presentations
Navigating Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic” – Mental Health America (Webinar, Feb. 2021)
Women’s Health
USA Today

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Areas of Focus

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Loss, Grief, Relationship Issues, Work Stress, Life Stress, Family Stress, Life Transitions

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