Grayson Wallen, LPCC

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Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (#12135) with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Area of Focus:

  • Military (spouses especially for transition during/after deployments)
  • Cancer
  • Grief (sudden loss as well as care-giver bereavement support)
  • Mood Disorders (depression and anxiety especially those which are treatment resistant)
  • Personality Disorders (Cluster B specifically as related to traumatic experiences and difficulty connecting with others)
  • Affair (recovery from, outing and disclosing)
  • Abuse (victim and aggressor)
  • Trauma (sexual, verbal, physical, combat)
  • Recovery (substance, alcohol)
  • Pre-marital
  • Block/Intensive/Marathon sessions (3+ hours long)


M.A., Counseling, Phoenix Seminary
B.S., Psychology, Grand Canyon University

Grayson’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

Grayson Wallen is a licensed therapist for California residents with clinical experiences from long-term hospitalizations, intensive/partial day out-patient programs for those with intense and profound mental health conditions. He has spent the majority of his clinical work helping couples with a variety of issues ranging from child loss, military deployment(s), affair recovery, pre-marital support and empty-nesters who are at crossroads for “what’s next”. He has also helped those in substance/alcohol abuse recovery find and maintain their sobriety.

In couples therapy, Grayson has specialized education and training to use the Gottman Method for Couple’s Therapy for a variety of issues that couples face with the end intention to increase connection and satisfaction. How each couple reaches this end destination is specific to the relationship’s history and unique needs but generally happens as the relationship learns to manage and connect through conflict as opposed to just fighting with one another until someone surrenders or gives in to ease the current problem. Couple’s also reach connection and satisfaction through reviving their friendship and re-establishing a sense of purpose or culture for their relationship that gives meaning to the everyday moments a relationship generates.

Grayson’s individual counseling experiences focus on helping people make sense of their emotions and relationships as it relates to the problems of life and mental health. He has also received formal training as a therapist from a non-denominational, Christian seminary and has helped many people learn to make peace with their emotions and integrate their faith with their feelings to feel more connected to peace, love and those around them.