Paul-Roy Taylor, PhD

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Licensed Psychologist, California – PSY29563
Psychologist / Psychologue, France – ADELI 759384944

Area of Focus:

  • Sexual issues including,but not limited to, sexual boredom and foreclosure, desire discrepancies, monogamy and non-monogamy struggles, validation issues, and body image concerns
  • Expertise in treating relationship issues of all nature, such as family, peer, romantic, and professional relationships
  • Specialist in treating behavioral and substance addiction, particularly around harm-reduction with a strengths-based focus
  • Frequently sought out to work with gay and bisexual men. Dr. Taylor also provides secondary letters for gender confirmation surgeries.
  • Expert in providing differentiation-based therapy.


PhD, Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University – Los Angeles
MA, Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University – Los Angeles
BA, Linguistics and Psychology, University of California – Los Angeles

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Professional Background

Paul-Roy Taylor, PhD is a clinical psychologist licensed in both California and France. He is president of PRT Psychology, inc., a private practice based in Los Angeles. Dr. Taylor completed his graduate studies in 2015 at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University – Los Angeles, where he achieved both a Doctorate of Philosophy and Masters in clinical psychology with an emphasis on family and couples therapy. He received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2008.

Dr. Taylor has worked in most levels of care, spanning outpatient-level practice to providing services for many years in residential treatment and detox centers for severe mental health and substance use issues. As a result, he is trained to treat individuals with a vast degree of concerns and severities; however, in his private practice work, he is focused on providing specialty services in three key domains: sexual issues, relationship concerns, and addiction struggles.

Dr. Taylor is an expert in differentiation-based therapy, which is a form of therapy essential for establishing healthy, highly-functioning relationships and sex lives. Differentiation-based therapy helps people maintain their sense of self while in close, intimate relationships with others. Dr. Taylor uses this approach to help his clients remedy validation struggles, avoidance of difficult conversations and long-term problems, challenge anxiety, increase assertiveness and self-esteem, and establish the lives they truly want to lead. It encourages radical change. Dr. Taylor frequently lectures on these issues to both other clinicians in didactic training and to the general public. He has developed and conducted a 10-week workshop entitled, “Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships,” which he provides to the community at large.

Dr. Taylor particularly appreciates working with individuals struggling with sex-related disturbances. Examples of such commonly cited concerns include sexual anxiety, fear of intimacy, infidelity, sexual boredom, pornography addiction, validation issues, and mental health difficulties masquerading as dysfunction, as just a few examples.

Given Dr. Taylor’s extensive experience treating addiction in residential settings, he is highly skilled in treating both substance and behavioral addictions. Dr. Taylor has adapted this skill set to treat individuals at the outpatient level. Subsequently to his experience in treatment centers, Dr. Taylor became the substance abuse specialist for a collection of community clinics in Los Angeles where he specialized in combating the opioid epidemic. Dr. Taylor was not only responsible for developing treatment protocols: he also implemented a program distributing drug testing kits giving people the ability to test illicit drugs for deadly fentanyl; was responsible for providing community outreach and media engagement on opioids and addiction, developed a widely used self-study workbook on substance abuse, and many more adjacent responsibilities.

A key research area of interest for Dr. Taylor is how we adapt to technology – or how we struggle with it. Dr. Taylor has conducted multiple research projects on the harmful use of social media in romantic relationships. Dr. Taylor helps individuals reduce reliance on media and technology, such as by decreasing pornography usage, minimizing maladaptive use of dating apps, decreasing partner surveillance and jealousy around social media, and other related concerns.

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