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Baron Miler PharmD

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Registered Pharmacist in the state of Kansas (RPh license #: 1-107033)

Professional Background

Baron Miller is a licensed pharmacist and graduate of the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy. Throughout his career, he has helped patients in various pharmacy and healthcare-related settings by providing medication counseling and information to patients. His passion for reassuring and helping others understand their medications allows patients to be active and participate in their own health. His main goal is for patients not just to know why they are taking a drug, but for them to understand how it works and how it will benefit them in the treatment of their condition.

In practice, Baron has worked to help others understand what their treatment is doing for them in numerous healthcare settings. These settings have ranged from the emergency room of large clinical hospitals to small independent retail pharmacies where the pharmacist is seen as a respected pillar of the community that you can always go to for advice.

As a pharmacist, Baron has worked with numerous special populations throughout his education and career in a number of unique spaces with an emphasis on the importance of treating mental health and working through the stigma of seeking treatment. These groups include LGBTQ+ youth, military veterans, active duty Air Force members and their families, and rehab patients of various backgrounds. With special areas of interest including the treatment and management of ADHD, depression, eating disorders and addiction.

With medications and those taking them at the center of his work, Baron has also worked to stay on top of any new information surrounding the treatment and management of mental health conditions with new or existing medications. Recognizing that every individual is different and that their specific needs may not be the same as those around them.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), University of Kansas School of Pharmacy
  • B.A. in Pharmaceutical Science, University of Kansas
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Areas of Focus

Baron Miller is an experienced pharmacist with expertise in medication education with an emphasis on mental health.

  • Providing proper education on the risks and benefits of medications used for the treatment of ADHD, depression, addiction and other conditions.
  • Patient counseling, medication review, pharmacotherapy and pharmacokinetics and the way a drug’s mechanism can affect patient outcomes.
  • Identifying and correcting dangerous or concerning drug related adverse events to keep patients safe and healthy.
  • Conducting research on the long-term effects of medication use in mental health conditions.
  • Working with rehab patients from a variety of backgrounds and the struggles that can result from trauma, addiction and negligence.
  • Experience working with active military personnel, their families, and veterans seeking mental health assistance.
  • Working with LGBTQ+ youth from a point of care and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to discuss their medications.

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