Hailey Shafir LPCS, LCAS, CCS

Hailey Shafir, LCMHCS, LPCS, LCAS, CCS

Hailey Shafir LPCS, LCAS, CCS

Licensing & Certifications:

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Area of Focus:

Substance Use, Behavioral Addictions, OCD, PTSD, Impulse Control Disorders, Anxiety Disorders


M. Ed., Clinical Mental Health Counseling, North Carolina State University
B.A., Sociology, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Hailey’s Recent Articles

Professional Background

Hailey is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from NC State University. Throughout her career, she has contributed to the field of mental health and addiction treatment in several clinical, leadership, and consultative capacities.

Hailey has over a decade of clinical experience working with people of all ages struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Her specialty areas of practice include treatment of substance use, behavioral addictions, OCD, PTSD, impulse control disorders, and anxiety disorders.

She also provides trainings at local universities, mental health agencies, and other community settings. In addition, she is the creator of Plan-it Therapy cards, an innovative treatment planning tool used in hospitals, schools, and agencies throughout the country.

Hailey has worked in a variety of leadership positions including as a clinical director overseeing multiple programs across 4 counties in NC. In this role, she helped to develop programs which would increase access to underserved populations including co-located counseling programs within schools and primary care settings. She is a board approved supervisor with the NC Substance Abuse Board and NC Counseling Board and continues to train and mentor new counselors.

Hailey has authored several online treatment programs, training curriculum, and regularly writes and medically reviews articles on addiction and mental health topics. Her work can be found on a variety of other websites including Addictions.com, Therapy Tribe, and The Recovery Village.