Meagan Turner, MA, APC, NCC

Meagan Turner MA, APC, NCC

Licensing & Certifications:

  • GA License: APC008096
  • Certificate: Child & Adolescent Counseling with a Concentration in Play Therapy
  • Certificate: Christian Sex Therapy

Professional Background

Meagan Turner has been a therapist since 2020. She trained in Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives and works nearby. Meagan specializes in working with adolescents, particularly those struggling with emotional disorders, and collaborating with their parents. She also works with adults navigating life transitions such as college graduation, career uncertainty, or divorce and all the feelings that come along with those changes. Meagan is passionate about discussing sexuality concerns with clients who have not had the chance to process in a safe space.

Meagan’s work is informed by interpersonal and strengths-based approaches. She also enjoys using out-of-the-box ideas in sessions such as walk-and-talk and sand tray. She previously worked as a paralegal and is, happily, now a law-school-dropout turned therapist.

In addition to writing for, Meagan Turner’s expertise has been featured in, Theravive, Learning Success, Outwit Trade, Thrive Global, and Insider.

Professional Affiliations:

Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
Association for Play Therapy


M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Richmont Graduate University
B.A., Communication Studies, University of Georgia

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Areas of Focus

Meagan Turner offers compassionate therapy tailored to adolescents and adults navigating life transitions and emotional concerns. Specializing in trauma-focused therapy and Christian sex therapy, she provides a safe space for clients to explore and heal.

Meagan Turner utilizes a number of therapeutic approaches, including:

  • Trauma-focused therapy, including training in EMDR and TF-CBT
  • Christian sex therapy, including gender and sexuality, sexual pain, desire discrepancy, and coming out of purity culture
  • Individual therapy for life transitions and emotional concerns such as anxiety or depression

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