Headshot of Allison Lieberman, LMFT

Allison Lieberman LMFT, PMH-C

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional
  • Seleni Training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Level 1 Brainspotting Trained
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate

Professional Background

Allison Lieberman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with Rooted in Harmony Counseling. For over eight years, she has helped children in foster care, individuals struggling with suicidality, and young adults working to adjust to living independently. Her passion is supporting new moms through their transition into motherhood and helping women with late diagnosis ADHD.

In practice, Allison focuses on how thoughts and feelings impact our behaviors and the impact of the family as a whole on a person’s functioning. Her training includes perinatal mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, Brainspotting, and crisis intervention.

Allison’s specialized training in perinatal mental health and her experience with postpartum anxiety helps her take a unique approach to working with new moms as they learn to navigate motherhood.

Allison also enjoys working with women that have a late diagnosis of ADHD. The depression and anxiety associated with the lack of diagnosis at a young age can be challenging to unravel. Allison is passionate about helping those struggling with their ADHD diagnosis and symptoms to lean into how their brain is wired and to rewrite the narrative around ADHD.

Learn more at Rooted in Harmony Counseling. Also, check out her podcast series, The New Mama Mentor®, on Apple Podcasts.

Professional Affiliations

Online Publications Allison Has Written For


  • M.S., Counseling Psychology, California Lutheran University
  • B.A., Psychology, California State University Northridge
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Areas of Focus

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • ADHD, executive functioning skills
  • Suicide Assessment, prevention, and risk management
  • Autism, Autistic Stimming

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“Scrupulosity can present as excessive interest in one’s religious or spiritual life, as in the case of Religious Scrupulosity, or a never ending effort to be the best possible person or do all the right things. However, these perceptions are motivated by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about their religious standing, moral quality, or intrinsic character. Scrupulous individuals may exhibit outward compulsions of repetitive prayer, ritualistic washing or routines, checking with others that they did the right thing or did not do the wrong thing, or repeating activities until done “right.” The Scrupulous can also have covert, or internal, compulsions of evaluating the quality and quantity of their feelings, intention, or physical sensations, or mentally reviewing previous events or interactions to ensure their ‘purity’ or ‘rightness.’”