Kristen Fuller, M.D.

Area of Focus:

Mental health and preventative medicine


Family Medicine Residency – University of Tennessee
M.D., Saba University School of Medicine
B.S., UC Santa Barbara

Reviewed Articles

Professional Background

Kristen Fuller, M.D., is a successful clinical writer in the mental health realm, a physician, and an author. Dr. Fuller enjoys writing about evidence-based topics in the cutting-edge world of mental health and addiction medicine and also contributes to medicine board education. She is well-versed in many areas of primary care clinical practice including adult outpatient medicine, OB/GYN, adolescent medicine, and inpatient medicine. Her most recent professional endeavor over the past five years includes writing and editing content in the mental health/addiction world. She first discovered the importance of mental health and addiction treatment during her medical school education during her clinical rotations and has been passionate about breaking down the stigma and normalizing mental health. She writes for online publications, magazines, textbooks, and journals. Her passion lies in educating the public on the stigma associated with mental health and sharing the importance of finding your own happiness, regardless of your current situation or life path.

She is also an outdoor activist, an avid photographer, and is the founder of an outdoor women’s blog titled, GoldenStateofMinds. Dr. Fuller spends her free time hiking, backpacking, skiing, camping, and paddle boarding with her dog in the Eastern Sierras, where she calls home.