Headshot of Dr. Maria Simbra, MD, MPH

Dr. Maria Simbra MD, MPH

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Master of Public Health

Professional Background

Dr. Maria Simbra is the coach, consultant, and principal at Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC., where she uses her background in journalism and medicine to help doctors use better words and better messages to put their best selves on camera, microphone, and at the podium.

She was the medical reporter at KDKA | CBS Pittsburgh for 19 years, where she reported on outbreaks and patterns of disease, health and wellness, celebrity illness, screening recommendations, and medical innovations.

Her first career was in neurology in private practice and academia with 15 years in patient care. After residency at the University of Pittsburgh and a neurophysiology fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia, she went into private practice with Valley Neurological Associates in Monaca, Pennsylvania, and then became clinical assistant professor of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She is an MD, MPH, and has a masters degree in journalism and mass communication.

She served on the board of directors of the National Association of Medical Communicators and the Association of Health Care Journalists. She has been recognized with multiple awards for her medical reporting including an Emmy, a Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasting Award, a Southwestern Pennsylvania Media & Mental Health Award, two berths as a Golden Quill finalist, and four Media Orthopaedic Reporting Excellence Awards.

Broadcast Publications

KDKA-TV News | CBS Pittsburgh 2002-2021

Professional Experience

Medical Internship, Medical Center of Delaware
Neurology Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Neurophysiology Fellowship, Medical College of Virginia
Valley Neurological Associates, private practice
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology, UPMC
Medical Reporter, CBS Pittsburgh


West Virginia University, Chemistry and Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, MD
Point Park University, M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Minnesota, MPH

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Areas of Focus

Medical Journalism
Media Interview Preparation for Doctors
Virtual Presentation Preparation for Doctors

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