Matthew Church, M.S.

Headshot-- Matt Church-- MS

Area of Focus:

  • Electronic health records (EHR) and practice management systems (PMS)
  • Internal and insurance billing systems
  • Staff management and communication tools
  • Resources for improving client-counselor relationships
  • Practitioner focused apps
  • Telehealth platforms


Master of Science, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Southern New Hampshire University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Tusculum University

Reviewed Articles

Professional Background

Matthew “Matt” Church is a Mental Health Technology Editor at Choosing Therapy with a focus on provider technology and practice management software.

Throughout Matt’s career, he has had first-hand experience in the trenches of community mental health, as well as riding the technological wave into the emergence of remote mental health care. Matt has experience working in mental health as a care counselor, case manager, and life coach. As a lifelong enthusiast of computer science and human-computer interaction, he is in a special position to guide providers and practice owners in their decision-making.

Matt enjoys leveraging his extensive experience as a practitioner using EHRs, telehealth platforms, billing systems, and staff tracking systems, alongside his knowledge of best practices in user experience design, to inform behavioral health practitioners about the best of the best in mental health practice management software.

For the past 5 years, Matt has been learning the in’s and out’s of daily life as a mental health practitioner and has developed a keen eye for what makes an for excellent provider focused technology and practice management tools. Combining this with his personal experience in crafting bespoke physical and virtual solutions to everyday problems, Matt lends a well-informed voice to reviews of the products practitioners have available to help grow their practice.

When Matt isn’t writing reviews, you can likely find him leaning over the electronics workbench or working in the photography studio, where he runs a small business for portrait and product photography and continually overcomes the same challenges that are found in running any small business.