Matt Church-- MS

Matthew Church M.S.


Licensing & Certifications:

  • Master of Science - Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Professional Background

Matthew (Matt) Church is a Mental Health Technology Editor at He has spent the last 2 years using and testing all the leading online therapy services, online psychiatry platforms, and mental health apps. During that time, Matt developed comprehensive scoring criteria that he and other reviewers can use to fairly and accurately judge the quality of mental health platforms. His work enables the Reviews Team at to provide you with unbiased reviews and recommendations you can trust.

Matt also reviews the many products and services that private practices rely on to keep their business running. He knows that providers provide the best care to their patients when they’re free from software glitches, tech headaches, and unnecessary paperwork. He’s a pro when it comes to setting up and maintaining electronic health records (EHR) systems, practice management systems, billing systems, staff tracking systems, and website builders.

Before joining, Matt worked in the trenches of community mental health as a care counselor, case manager, and life coach for companies like Molina Health and Cerebral.

Matt is passionate about ensuring people have access to the best mental healthcare possible and has experienced firsthand the important role that remote mental health care can play. Through a personal history of mental health challenges and firsthand experience with finding care, Matt believes everyone should have easy access to affordable, high-quality mental healthcare and has made it one of his goals to bring unbiased information to you.

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Areas of Focus

Matt is an expert in online therapy and psychiatry platforms, how they operate, what to look for, and the best practices in designing these platforms and ensuring high-quality patient care. Matt also has deep experience on the provider side of these platforms, and how therapy providers can get the most out of using them.

Here are some of Matt’s areas of expertise:

  • Online therapy services
  • Online psychiatric services
  • Virtual couples counseling
  • Mental health apps and resources
  • Electronic health records (EHR) and practice management systems (PMS)
  • Internal and insurance billing systems
  • Staff management and communication tools
  • Resources for improving client-counselor relationships
  • Practitioner focused apps
  • Telehealth platforms
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“Finding mental healthcare can be a challenging and even daunting task. Your greatest asset in finding high-quality mental healthcare is tenacity. If you find your therapist, psychiatrist, or platform isn’t a good fit, that’s okay. Keep searching, because there are thousands of providers out there — someone for everybody. Prioritize your mental health and don’t compromise on a provider who isn’t a good fit.”