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Andrea Brognano LMHC, LPC, NCC, CCMHC, ACS


Licensing & Certifications:


Professional Background

Andrea Brognano has been a licensed clinician in NY and NJ since 2017. Andrea completed her internship in a substance abuse clinic and has since expanded her work to help a variety of clients. She specializes in working with highly motivated adult females looking to make changes in their day-to-day lives and ease the anxiety and overwhelm they experience. In 2019, Andrea founded an online group practice, Therapy Connection, that has since employed 15 clinicians and has served over 400 clients.

In 2021, Andrea founded Achieve With Andrea, a business dedicated to therapists and female entrepreneurs wanting to grow and expand their reach. Andrea has worked with many different populations and individuals, including children, substance abuse clients, those seeking relationship counseling, and adults navigating the stress of anxiety and depression in an ever-evolving world. The use of somatic-based therapies is important for Andrea to work with clients so they have a more focused approach to the mind and body connection.

Prior to starting her own company, Andrea had the opportunity to work in a non-profit where a crucial role of hers was overseeing the Human Resources department, allowing her the chance to blend her clinical expertise with corporate emotional health. As a part of this position, she had the opportunity to implement the Mental Health First Aid Course throughout the workforce, teaching employees how to spot warning signs of mental health struggles in their colleagues and loved ones. Andrea is dedicated to the mental health field and empowering all people to live authentically and mentally well. This includes working with nonprofit organizations and corporations to bring employee wellness into the workforce through Mental Health First Aid and/or workplace wellness workshops.

Professional Affiliations:

American Counseling Association
Verrazano Kiwanis Club
National Council for Mental Wellbeing


M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Walden University
B.A. Professional Studies, Misericordia University


Recipient of Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries – Received in June of 2021
Recipient of Top 20 Under 40 Staten Island Economic Development Center Award – Received in April of 2019

Why I Write for Choosing Therapy:

I write for Choosing Therapy because I am passionate about sharing mental health awareness in various aspects of life. I value the evidence-based mental health information shared on the Choosing Therapy platform and the extensive editorial process to identify accurate, honest, and engaging information so readers can relate to the information being shared. The passion behind the team helps push conversations about mental health forward and decrease the stigma on a wide variety of topics. Having my voice heard in this process helps me reach a larger audience and allows mental health professionals to have a greater impact on the community.

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Areas of Focus

Andrea Brognano empowers female entrepreneurs and couples to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, specializing in corporate mental health and stress management while fostering holistic well-being for diverse populations.

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Couples counseling, including infidelity related concerns
  • People pleasing and perfectionism
  • Anxious and overworked female entrepreneurs, including corporate female leaders
  • Corporate mental health including training for mental wellness programs, Mental Health First Aid, EAP, Leadership management trainings through emotional wellness
  • Working with disabled populations, including developmental disabled and neurodivergent clients, as well as their family or support systems
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“Life, at times, can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and outright exhausting. It can be difficult to know where to turn. However, it doesn’t always have to feel so isolating. Taking the time to gain support for yourself can help you lift weight and pressure off yourself that you didn’t even realize was there. Often, reaching out for support is a difficult step. With the help of support from a clinician, you can feel welcomed into a safe space to share your needs and work on your own growth. Taking steps to support your mental health better can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.”